Light City Walking Shoes

In my search for nice shoes that are good for regular city walking, I found the VivoBarefoot Trail Running Shoes. I realize they are called running shoes and they do have a nice heavy tread to them so you can still take them with you on the trails, but the very nice thing about these shoes is that they are extremely light.

I got the pair with the red color and they are quite nice in appearance and are pretty slick. For a shoe made for hiking that is unique since many hiking and trail shoes are usually made to be bulky and thick to specifically withstand the wear and tear put on them by hiking in the outdoors. In contrast, these shoes have a nice sporty feel and are good for every day wear.

The VivoBarefoot shoes are also made to be slightly wider for better traction. When I walked in them I felt that it helped to increase stability and I didn't have to worry as much how my foot would land on the ground.

City Walking Shoes

It is important to note that the shoe is made to give you breathability while also providing moisture protection. That is accomplished through the Dri-Lex Mocrobe Shield technology. Having said that, I have not tried to step in any puddles and did not test the increased moisture protection of the shoe. I will leave that up to the readers.